How Acupuncture Treatment in Santa Rosa Can Help with Depression

Depression is one of the true “silent killers” in our world today, with an estimated 350 million people worldwide suffering from moderate to severe depression.  The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggests that nearly 7% of the American population suffers from depression – that’s over 16 million Americans!

Unfortunately, traditional medical science is not well-suited for treating depression.  All too often, those suffering from depression are simply handed “feel good” pills, in hopes of making the symptoms go away.  Not only does that not address the more underlying issues, but it can often result in the patient getting hooked on     their pills!

However, acupuncture treatment in Santa Rosa offers an alternative and drug-free approach to improving the body’s holistic health and lessening the causes of depression.  Better yet, recent studies have suggested that acupuncture is at least as effective as many of the popular types of pills!

Why People with Depression Should Consider Acupuncture Treatment in Santa Rosa

As reported in Scientific American, a recent study was conducted where a series of patients suffering from depression were given either acupuncture treatment or treatments of the drug fluoxetine (Prozac).

Over the course of the study, the acupuncture patients didn’t just perform as well as those being given fluoxetine – they performed better!  The acupuncture results showed several benefits over drug-based therapy:

  • Faster recovery:  The acupuncture patients started showing results within two weeks, more quickly than the drug patients.
  • Better (subjective) improvements:  It is difficult to measure levels of depression precisely, but the acupuncture patients seemed to respond more favorably to their treatments.
  • No side effects:  Anti-depression medication is known for its side effects, particularly in regards to inhibiting sexual function.  The acupuncture patients had no such side effects.
  • No withdrawal:  Anti-depression medication quickly becomes mentally addictive and ceasing its use can be difficult.  Again, acupuncture does not have this problem.

Acupuncture Mama

In short, there truly is strong evidence that acupuncture treatment in Santa Rosa can help depression!  If you suffer from depression, please contact Acupuncture Mama to schedule a consultation.

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Four Practices That Make Good Complements to Acupuncture

More and more people are coming to discover the wonders of acupuncture: a safe, easy way to relieve stress, prevent disease, and encourage the body’s natural healing energies.  However, no treatment – even acupuncture – is all a person needs.  There are many complementary therapies, even just ways of living, which can enhance acupuncture and extend its benefits.

If you’re currently undergoing acupuncture therapy, these are all great complements to acupuncture which can help you feel even better!

1 – Yoga

Yoga and acupuncture truly go hand in hand, since both are focused on opening and expanding the body’s energies.  Yoga is also excellent for increasing a person’s self-awareness and allowing them to make use of the energies that acupuncture unlocks.

2 – Acupressure

Acupressure is based on many of the same theories as acupuncture, but the difference is, acupressure can be utilized anywhere and at any time.  Some traditional forms of massage, such as Japanese Shiatsu, are also based in acupressure.  Acupressure can bring many of the same benefits as acupuncture, although in a milder form.  This makes it a perfect complement to acupuncture.

3 – Balancing your diet

It will be difficult for any practice, even acupuncture, to remove all the toxins in your body if you’re continually putting new toxins in.  Try to avoid pre-packaged foods, heavily processed foods, or those with large amounts of artificial preservatives.   The more basic and natural your diet, the healthier you’ll be overall.  This also allows your acupuncture sessions to focus on improving your body and mind, rather than merely undoing the damage done in other areas of your life.

4 – Walking or jogging

Exercise is another good complement to acupuncture, and even better, it really doesn’t need to be particularly difficult or strenuous exercise.  Something as simple as a nice half-hour walk every day can do wonders in terms of keeping your blood flowing well, and keeping your meridians open on a day-to-day basis.  Jogging or running is fine too, if you’re so inclined, but don’t feel compelled to have a rigorous exercise program unless you want one.

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Understanding What an Acupuncturist in Sonoma County Can Do for You

Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years. It is such an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that many people rely on when they experience chronic pain or other types of discomfort. The validity of acupuncture has been questioned for years, but studies have been performed that prove it is truly effective for a wide variety of health conditionsRead More >

7 Pressure Points to Improve Eyesight

Acupuncture has long been used to improve overall health and treat illnesses. Among the many ailments, our acupuncture treatment in Santa Rosa can help with is your eyesight. Issues such as short sightedness, long sightedness, a lazy eye, color blindness, and other eye problems can be aided using acupuncture and acupressure treatments.

Our Acupuncture Mama team outlines the seven pressure points that can help relieve a multitude of eyesight issues.

  1. Around the Eyes: Many eye issues are caused by headaches or muscle stiffness in the shoulders, neck, or upper body. The pressure points around the eyes, when properly treated, help relieve these muscle ailments.
  2. The ‘Third Eye’: Is located at the top point of the nose and roughly between the eyebrows. When pressure is applied to this area eye strain symptoms can be reduced, and vision is improved.
  3. Near the Bridge of Your Nose: Located just under the eyebrow next to the bridge of your nose, pressure applied to this part of the face lessens eye strain, eye tiredness, and redness of the eyes.
  4. Nostril Points: Applying simultaneous pressure to the areas right next to both of your nostrils has notable effects on not only vision but also sinus health. Treatment to this area clears blurry vision, lessens headaches (which also affect sight), and also relieves sinus issues.
  5. The Edges of The Eyes: Note that this is the inner edge of the eye next to the bridge of your nose. Careful treatment of this area is required due to its proximity to the eye, however, when done correctly it relaxes eye muscles and clears vision.
  6. The Tip of Your Thumb: When pressure is applied to the tips of your thumbs neck muscles are relaxed and tension is released. As muscle ailments in the upper body can have a negative impact on vision improving your upper body health can also improve your eyesight.
  7. The Tip of Your Big Toe: One last area to consider for acupuncture treatment in Santa Rosa is the tip of your big toe. Despite being far away from your eyes treating this area helps improve blood flow which in turn improves vision.

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