Four Practices That Make Good Complements to Acupuncture

More and more people are coming to discover the wonders of acupuncture: a safe, easy way to relieve stress, prevent disease, and encourage the body’s natural healing energies.  However, no treatment – even acupuncture – is all a person needs.  There are many complementary therapies, even just ways of living, which can enhance acupuncture and extend its benefits.

If you’re currently undergoing acupuncture therapy, these are all great complements to acupuncture which can help you feel even better!

1 – Yoga

Yoga and acupuncture truly go hand in hand, since both are focused on opening and expanding the body’s energies.  Yoga is also excellent for increasing a person’s self-awareness and allowing them to make use of the energies that acupuncture unlocks.

2 – Acupressure

Acupressure is based on many of the same theories as acupuncture, but the difference is, acupressure can be utilized anywhere and at any time.  Some traditional forms of massage, such as Japanese Shiatsu, are also based in acupressure.  Acupressure can bring many of the same benefits as acupuncture, although in a milder form.  This makes it a perfect complement to acupuncture.

3 – Balancing your diet

It will be difficult for any practice, even acupuncture, to remove all the toxins in your body if you’re continually putting new toxins in.  Try to avoid pre-packaged foods, heavily processed foods, or those with large amounts of artificial preservatives.   The more basic and natural your diet, the healthier you’ll be overall.  This also allows your acupuncture sessions to focus on improving your body and mind, rather than merely undoing the damage done in other areas of your life.

4 – Walking or jogging

Exercise is another good complement to acupuncture, and even better, it really doesn’t need to be particularly difficult or strenuous exercise.  Something as simple as a nice half-hour walk every day can do wonders in terms of keeping your blood flowing well, and keeping your meridians open on a day-to-day basis.  Jogging or running is fine too, if you’re so inclined, but don’t feel compelled to have a rigorous exercise program unless you want one.

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