What Many People Don’t Know About Acupuncture Treatment in Santa Rosa

There’s a lot that goes into providing acupuncture treatment in Santa Rosa, but one of the most important aspects is education.  At Acupuncture Mama, we’re passionate about our jobs and our calling, and we want to help reach out to more people and let them know what acupuncture has to offer.

There’s a lot about acupuncture that seems to be misunderstood by many people, and we welcome opportunities to teach.  Some issues come up more often than most, though, so we wanted to take a moment to share some things most people don’t know about acupuncture.

Three Things People Are Surprised to Learn About Acupuncture

  1. Acupuncture can treat many things.

People often think acupuncture is only for pain, but that’s far from the truth.  Acupuncture is about helping to release blockages in the mind that prevent a patient from being fully healthy, and those blockages can manifest in a wide variety of ways.  Pain, yes, is one possibility but acupuncture can also help with issues such as chronic indigestion or heartburn, asthma, allergies, insomnia, fertility, and more.

If you have any issues that traditional medicine can’t seem to help with, it’s a good idea to consult with an acupuncturist to see if they could help.

  1. Acupuncture requires considerable training.

Perhaps what surprises many people the most is knowing that a qualified acupuncturist has been in training nearly as long as any other medical practitioner – or even longer, since extended apprenticeships under established masters are still common.  For example, one of our founders holds both a Bachelors and a Master’s Degree, as well as interning with local fertility experts.  She’s had many years of school.  Plus, you must earn an accredited license to be an American acupuncturist, just like any American doctor.

  1. Acupuncture feels good!

Really!  Yes, it involves needles, but the needles are so thin they don’t feel like needles.  It’s almost impossible to describe, but it kind of feels like being massaged – a feeling of pressure, not pain.  Then, once it begins to work on your nervous system, opening you up and relaxing you, it’s an incredible feeling.

Some people even fall asleep.  (That’s a good thing if they’ve got insomnia!)

Looking for Acupuncture Treatment in Santa Rosa?

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