Annette’s work and expertise has changed my life for the better in ways I never thought possible. Her thoughtful approach to understanding my needs and objectives during each and every treatment makes the experience not only therapeutic and rejuvenating but also thoroughly enjoyable. My visits initially were to help better manage anxiety/PMS, which soon evolved to establishing a regimen that supports my overall well-being.

Ali – Santa Rosa, CA

Love this place! Highly recommend, truly feel cared for. Been going there for almost a year now. Annette is truly talented and I always look forward to seeing her as well as taking the time to better myself. She goes above and beyond with the care she gives.

Alyssa D. – Sebastopol, CA

I began acupuncture to specifically treat an irregular menstrual cycle. Much to my surprise, the treatments have also alleviated several persistent issues including anxiety and insomnia. Essential Points Acupuncture and Annette, specifically, have transformed my life. Annette is a true partner in the treatment process. She provides limitless information and graciously moves you through your journey even after the appointment ends. Her level of service, care, and expertise has given me a newfound understanding of health and well-being. And most importantly for me, Essential Points Acupuncture has emerged as a safe space to talk about the interconnectedness of mind, body, and balance. I am officially hooked!

Jennifer – Sonoma County

First of all, I am not a fan of needles of any kind. But Annette’s compassion, and the time she took getting to know me, helped the session go amazingly relaxing and I left her office with energy and a sense of well-being. I highly recommend Annette for children or pregnant women too!

Ryan S. – Santa Rosa, CA

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a year with no success. The fertility doctors never came up with a reason why we couldn’t get pregnant and we wanted to pursue a natural and healthy conception. I met Annette in March 2008. We had a consultation and I started going in for acupuncture treatments on a weekly basis. She reduced my stress, prescribed herbs to balance out my system and was a great listener. By February 2009 I was pregnant! I 100% contribute my conception to the help of Annette of Acupuncture Mama. Her training, dedication and determination to help others are priceless. I will continue to refer her to friends and family.

Julie T. – Poway, CA

Annette was wonderful and her office is clean and comfortable. This is a big compliment. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to fall fast asleep on her table, but I actually had the best nap in years on her table. I didn’t realize how worn down I was and after she did the needles part, I was out like a light. Wow, I had no clue acupuncture was so reinvigorating. I highly recommend it.

R.K. – Santa Rosa, CA

Before coming to Acupuncture Mama I had never had acupuncture on a regular basis and was not aware of the benefits regular treatments can bring to my overall healthcare. I have been seeing Annette for about a year and am very pleased with the positive changes that have occurred for me. Each time I visit, I feel that Annette sincerely has a desire to help restore my health to a state of balance, whether we are focusing on treatments for pain management or the changes I experience with menopause. I am impressed with her overall knowledge and with the serene spirit of compassion Annette brings to her practice. Thank you, Annette, for being a source of balance in my life!

Resident – San Carlos, CA

Was thankful to have found an experienced acupuncturist during my second pregnancy. I have been to Annette’s clinic various times and find great comfort in the treatments I have received.

Marcialeny E. – Petaluma, CA

Annette is simply amazing. Her care, her touch and skills are wonderful. I love her space and the environment she has created and she always wants to be completely accommodating to my needs and comfort (I’m pretty picky). I feel amazing after our sessions – incredible energy and just completely restored. She really takes the whole person into account – not just the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach (which I know is already very comprehensive but can be done more “dryly” and not always so tuned into how the person is actually doing while receiving the work). Even when I could only go once a month she remembered everything going on in my body and I just felt the heart she put into her clients. She asked for updates in between our sessions and when I sent them she was always quick to reply and inquire more. Her care and support through my process was really wonderful and authentic. I have seen a lot of acupuncturists and Annette is a top favorite.

Marisa M. – San Francisco, CA

Working with Annette was an absolute delight! I felt so comfortable and the treatments helped me relax greatly. She’s very knowledgeable and communicated really well. Thank you!

Veronica O. – Santa Rosa, CA

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