4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture originated in China about 3000 years ago. People in several Asian countries have been using acupuncture for thousands of years to treat different health issues.

The ancient Chinese practice is based on the belief that a life force known as qi flows through the body of all living beings. When the flow of qi becomes obstructed, illnesses occur.

Acupuncturists in Santa Rosa insert paper-thin needles at strategic points on the skin, known as acupuncture points or acupoints, to unblock qi flow and restore balance to the body.

Acupuncture is gaining popularity in the west. Many people with health issues use acupuncture as a standalone therapy or as an adjunct to other treatment modalities to manage their condition.

Whether you experience frequent episodes of headaches or want to boost your fertility, give acupuncture a try. Follow these tips to get the most out of you acupuncture therapy.

Prepare for Your First Appointment

During your first meeting with your acupuncturist, the professional will ask you several questions about your health history and previous life events. The purpose of this interaction is to get to the root cause of the health issues you are experiencing.

Prepare for the meeting. Make a detailed list of your health issues, stressors, medications, supplements and symptoms. Try to supply as much information as possible to your acupuncturist to help them make an accurate diagnosis.

Dress appropriately for your first session. Tight clothes can block the flow of qi. Wear loose clothes that make you feel relaxed and allow your acupuncturist to access different acupoints on your body.

Watch What You Eat

Avoid eating a heavy meal before and after a session. Replace processed foods and high fat foods with light, minimally processed foods such as veggies and rice. Do not consume caffeine or alcohol a few hours before and after a session. Eat warm foods before a session instead of cold foods unless the weather is too hot.

Follow Your Acupuncturist’s Instructions

Your acupuncturist may recommend certain foods and/or exercises. They may also want you to make lifestyle changes. To maximize treatment effectiveness, follow your acupuncturist’s instructions religiously. If you experience any problems such as pain while trying recommended exercises, consult your acupuncturist immediately.

Follow Your Treatment Schedule

How frequently one needs to see their acupuncturist depends on the nature of their health problem. Some people with chronic illnesses may need to see their acupuncturist every other day during the first few weeks after treatment begins, while those grappling with not-so-serious health issues may need less frequent visits. Whatever your treatment schedule, stick to it to unlock the healing power of acupuncture.

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