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How an Acupuncture Therapist in Santa Rosa Can Treat Your Constipation

If you suffer from chronic constipation, and regular doctors have been unable to find a cause, an acupuncture therapist in Santa Rosa could have the alternative treatment you need!

Constipation happens to everyone from time to time, and usually, will pass on its own after a day or two.  However, when the constipation becomes chronic, it can create a huge impact on your day-to-day life – making every movement a discomfort and sapping your ability to enjoy life.

Constipation can have a wide variety of causes.  Sometimes constipation comes from a physical blockage which needs to be taken care of by a doctor.  But if doctors can’t help, and say the problem isn’t purely physical, that’s when an acupuncture therapist in Santa Rosa can have the answer.

How Acupuncture Can Help Treat Your Constipation

The problem with using most medications to alleviate constipation, even natural methods like prunes and fiber, is that it can easily create a “stop and start” situation where you come to rely on external methods to have normal bowel movements.  You need a treatment that lasts, rather than getting stuck in a cycle of irregularity.

Acupuncture, being based on traditional Chinese medicine, takes a different view of constipation.  Traditional Chinese methods see your body as a holistic system of fluids and energies, which all must be kept in proper circulation to enjoy a healthy life.  Under this viewpoint, constipation without direct physical cause is a symptom, rather than the disease.  Your body’s energies have become constipated, and this manifests as physical constipation in your bowels.

In fact, there are several forms of energetic constipation which the Chinese have identified and documented, depending on the contributing causes:

  • Excess constipation: When your body has absorbed too much energy, such as too much heat, causing it to be distributed improperly around your body.
  • Deficiency constipation:  When your body lacks necessary energy and fluids for proper health, leading to parts of your body -like your bowels- being neglected in favor of vital organs like the heart and brain.
  • Qi constipation:  When your own energies are blocked, and your body is failing to function properly as a result.

In all these situations, a skilled acupuncture therapist in Santa Rosa can help!  We can unblock your energies, leading to smooth and natural bowel movements without drugs or other supplements.

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Can an Acupuncture Therapist in Sonoma County Help Your Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder injuries are unfortunately common across all walks of life.  Whether due to an accident, sports injury, or simple mishap when lifting a heavy object, millions of Americans live with shoulder pain.  Often, this pain can be linked to neck or back pain as well, making it extremely difficult to diagnose or treat.  Problems with the neck and back can create pain almost anywhere on the upper body.

If you’re suffering from specific shoulder problems – such as bicep tendonitis or arthritis – or from a combination of shoulder, neck, and back pain, an acupuncture therapist in Sonoma County may be able to help!

How an Acupuncture Therapist in Sonoma County Helps with Shoulder Pain

Acupuncture is an ancient form of eastern medicine which has been practiced successfully for over two thousand years.  When conducted properly by a trained and licensed acupuncturist, acupuncture is entirely safe, effective, and pain-free.  Most people even find it relaxing.

Acupuncture works by inserting extremely thin sterile needles into the body at key locations.  These needles are so thin that your body can barely even feel them – it feels like light pressure, rather than like being poked.  However, these needles are extremely effective at stimulating the body in several ways.

At the most basic physiological level, they encourage better blood flow in the area being treated.  Very often, lingering injuries fail to heal up properly simply because of a lack of blood in the area. Acupuncture corrects this.

Additionally, because acupuncture is relaxing, it can be an excellent way to reduce stress – and stress, of course, is always going to inhibit the body’s natural healing processes.  This is mostly psychological healing, but it also has a physical aspect.  Stress is another factor which inhibits good blood flow, so there is a two-for-one benefit for improving circulation.

Beyond that – while this is an area that western science has only begun to explore – many believe that acupuncture also aids the natural flow of energies around the body.  According to this view, acupuncture aids your body on a metaphysical level, as well as encouraging the body to expel toxic elements within.

Taken together, this all makes acupuncture an excellent alternative for those with shoulder pain which traditional treatments cannot improve.

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How Acupuncture Treatment in Santa Rosa Can Help with Depression

Depression is one of the true “silent killers” in our world today, with an estimated 350 million people worldwide suffering from moderate to severe depression.  The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggests that nearly 7% of the American population suffers from depression – that’s over 16 million Americans!

Unfortunately, traditional medical science is not well-suited for treating depression.  All too often, those suffering from depression are simply handed “feel good” pills, in hopes of making the symptoms go away.  Not only does that not address the more underlying issues, but it can often result in the patient getting hooked on     their pills!

However, acupuncture treatment in Santa Rosa offers an alternative and drug-free approach to improving the body’s holistic health and lessening the causes of depression.  Better yet, recent studies have suggested that acupuncture is at least as effective as many of the popular types of pills!

Why People with Depression Should Consider Acupuncture Treatment in Santa Rosa

As reported in Scientific American, a recent study was conducted where a series of patients suffering from depression were given either acupuncture treatment or treatments of the drug fluoxetine (Prozac).

Over the course of the study, the acupuncture patients didn’t just perform as well as those being given fluoxetine – they performed better!  The acupuncture results showed several benefits over drug-based therapy:

  • Faster recovery:  The acupuncture patients started showing results within two weeks, more quickly than the drug patients.
  • Better (subjective) improvements:  It is difficult to measure levels of depression precisely, but the acupuncture patients seemed to respond more favorably to their treatments.
  • No side effects:  Anti-depression medication is known for its side effects, particularly in regards to inhibiting sexual function.  The acupuncture patients had no such side effects.
  • No withdrawal:  Anti-depression medication quickly becomes mentally addictive and ceasing its use can be difficult.  Again, acupuncture does not have this problem.

Acupuncture Mama

In short, there truly is strong evidence that acupuncture treatment in Santa Rosa can help depression!  If you suffer from depression, please contact Acupuncture Mama to schedule a consultation.

7 Pressure Points to Improve Eyesight

Acupuncture has long been used to improve overall health and treat illnesses. Among the many ailments, our acupuncture treatment in Santa Rosa can help with is your eyesight. Issues such as short sightedness, long sightedness, a lazy eye, color blindness, and other eye problems can be aided using acupuncture and acupressure treatments.

Our Acupuncture Mama team outlines the seven pressure points that can help relieve a multitude of eyesight issues.

  1. Around the Eyes: Many eye issues are caused by headaches or muscle stiffness in the shoulders, neck, or upper body. The pressure points around the eyes, when properly treated, help relieve these muscle ailments.
  2. The ‘Third Eye’: Is located at the top point of the nose and roughly between the eyebrows. When pressure is applied to this area eye strain symptoms can be reduced, and vision is improved.
  3. Near the Bridge of Your Nose: Located just under the eyebrow next to the bridge of your nose, pressure applied to this part of the face lessens eye strain, eye tiredness, and redness of the eyes.
  4. Nostril Points: Applying simultaneous pressure to the areas right next to both of your nostrils has notable effects on not only vision but also sinus health. Treatment to this area clears blurry vision, lessens headaches (which also affect sight), and also relieves sinus issues.
  5. The Edges of The Eyes: Note that this is the inner edge of the eye next to the bridge of your nose. Careful treatment of this area is required due to its proximity to the eye, however, when done correctly it relaxes eye muscles and clears vision.
  6. The Tip of Your Thumb: When pressure is applied to the tips of your thumbs neck muscles are relaxed and tension is released. As muscle ailments in the upper body can have a negative impact on vision improving your upper body health can also improve your eyesight.
  7. The Tip of Your Big Toe: One last area to consider for acupuncture treatment in Santa Rosa is the tip of your big toe. Despite being far away from your eyes treating this area helps improve blood flow which in turn improves vision.

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