How an Acupuncture Therapist in Santa Rosa Can Treat Your Constipation

If you suffer from chronic constipation, and regular doctors have been unable to find a cause, an acupuncture therapist in Santa Rosa could have the alternative treatment you need!

Constipation happens to everyone from time to time, and usually, will pass on its own after a day or two.  However, when the constipation becomes chronic, it can create a huge impact on your day-to-day life – making every movement a discomfort and sapping your ability to enjoy life.

Constipation can have a wide variety of causes.  Sometimes constipation comes from a physical blockage which needs to be taken care of by a doctor.  But if doctors can’t help, and say the problem isn’t purely physical, that’s when an acupuncture therapist in Santa Rosa can have the answer.

How Acupuncture Can Help Treat Your Constipation

The problem with using most medications to alleviate constipation, even natural methods like prunes and fiber, is that it can easily create a “stop and start” situation where you come to rely on external methods to have normal bowel movements.  You need a treatment that lasts, rather than getting stuck in a cycle of irregularity.

Acupuncture, being based on traditional Chinese medicine, takes a different view of constipation.  Traditional Chinese methods see your body as a holistic system of fluids and energies, which all must be kept in proper circulation to enjoy a healthy life.  Under this viewpoint, constipation without direct physical cause is a symptom, rather than the disease.  Your body’s energies have become constipated, and this manifests as physical constipation in your bowels.

In fact, there are several forms of energetic constipation which the Chinese have identified and documented, depending on the contributing causes:

  • Excess constipation: When your body has absorbed too much energy, such as too much heat, causing it to be distributed improperly around your body.
  • Deficiency constipation:  When your body lacks necessary energy and fluids for proper health, leading to parts of your body -like your bowels- being neglected in favor of vital organs like the heart and brain.
  • Qi constipation:  When your own energies are blocked, and your body is failing to function properly as a result.

In all these situations, a skilled acupuncture therapist in Santa Rosa can help!  We can unblock your energies, leading to smooth and natural bowel movements without drugs or other supplements.

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