Marisa M. – San Francisco, CA

Annette is simply amazing. Her care, her touch and skills are wonderful. I love her space and the environment she has created and she always wants to be completely accommodating to my needs and comfort (I’m pretty picky). I feel amazing after our sessions – incredible energy and just completely restored. She really takes the whole person into account – not just the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach (which I know is already very comprehensive but can be done more “dryly” and not always so tuned into how the person is actually doing while receiving the work). Even when I could only go once a month she remembered everything going on in my body and I just felt the heart she put into her clients. She asked for updates in between our sessions and when I sent them she was always quick to reply and inquire more. Her care and support through my process was really wonderful and authentic. I have seen a lot of acupuncturists and Annette is a top favorite.

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