Acupuncture Helps Stress by Regulating Hormones: New Study Shows

Stress is a curse of modern life. A study found that almost 1/3rd of Americans are living with stress. Unchecked and untreated stress is a silent killer. It can contribute to health issues including high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and can even lead to a lower quality of life.

Many people with stress are turning to acupuncture to help manage their condition. A certified acupuncture therapist in Santa Rosa is trained to locate acupoints on the body. They insert paper-thin needles through the person’s skin to release qi.

Over the years, various studies have found that acupuncture is effective in treating stress. A new study reports that acupuncture can inhibit acorticotropin-releasing hormone that plays a major role in initiating stress response when exposed to stress.

In Chinese medicine, the liver is tasked with spreading the Qi. When a person is under stress, their liver gets out of balance and is unable to perform its role. Which causes the person to feel more tense and anxious.

Different illnesses and discomforts stem from this imbalance. Often, it’s not stress but other health issues that lead to liver imbalance. Whatever the problem, an experienced acupuncturist can get to the root cause and eliminate it.

There are multiple ways acupuncture can help reduce stress. An expert acupuncturist is trained to target specific points on the body to release endorphins – ‘happy hormones’ – that are known to promote positive feelings such as happiness and pleasure.

Acupuncture can boost energy levels. If you feel exhausted or tend to get stressed out frequently, your acupuncturist will use certain acupuncture techniques to rejuvenate your body. The professional may also recommend putting healthy foods such as kale, figs, egg, beetroot, and apricot in your diet.

In addition to using acupuncture techniques, your acupuncturist may recommend ancient Chinese herbs known to balance body energy levels and reduce stress.

Many people with stress report a range of health benefits after multiple acupuncture sessions. There is a common misconception that needles used in acupuncture can cause discomfort or pain. In reality, acupuncture is very relaxing and calming. Many patients sleep while getting treated. Acupuncturists are trained to safely use needles. They use single-use, pre-sterilized needles. Needles used in a session are disposed of immediately after use to prevent infections.

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