Use of Herbal Medicine in Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of challenges. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes, from nausea to backache, women can experience a variety of symptoms during different stages of pregnancy.

Benefits of Chinese Herbs for Pregnancy

Many women use Chinese herbal medicine in Santa Rosa to manage their symptoms during pregnancy. Chinese herbal medicines can be used to manage common issues, such as low back pain, placenta previa, and fetal growth restrictions during pregnancy.

 When used correctly, Chinese herbs can help keep the energy flow (qi) and blood in harmony. This helps ensure a smooth pregnancy. Chinese herbs can help restore the internal balance of the body.

Use Herbs and Formulas Recommended by an Acupuncturist

Do not take herbal medicines without consulting a certified acupuncturist or herbalist. Before prescribing an herbal formula, your acupuncturist will consider every factor at play,including your health history and whether you are taking medications. Some herbs have to be precisely dosed and mixed with other herbs to modify their effects.

 One size assuredly does not fit all. A formulation that works wonders for one woman can be rejected by the body of another mother-to-be. TCM practitioners customize every TCM herbal prescription for each individual. A prescription is prepared according to the patient’s specific set of symptoms.

 There are multiple ways Chinese herbs can work together. When herbs with similar properties are used in a formula, they work in unison to boost the healing power of the entire formulation. When herbs with different properties are used in a formulation, they can reduce the formulation.

 Some herbs that are strictly prohibited for use during pregnancy are Da Ji, Yuan Hua, E Zhu, and Cao Wu. Some herbs that should be used with great caution during pregnancy are Hong Hua, Lu Hui, Fu Zi, and Rou Gui. Do not take these herbs unless prescribed by an experienced and licensed TCM practitioner.

 Some Supplements Used in Chinese Medicine for Pregnancy, and Their Benefits

Bird’s Nest

        Promotes optimal fetus development

        Reduces anxiety, stress, and fatigue

        Aids in digestion

        Helps with post-pregnancy muscle, tissues, and skin repair

Chinese Angelica Root 

        Can reduce stress and anxiety

        Increases blood production and improves blood circulation

Royal Jelly

        May provide anti-inflammatory effects

        May help maintain a healthy blood pressure

        Regulates blood sugar

        May boost the immune system

 At Acupuncture Mama, we believe that diseases result from energy imbalances in the body. We use time-tested Chinese herbal medicines to correct these imbalances for patients in Santa Rosa. Whether you have been trying for a long time to conceive or have been living with chronic pain for years, we can help. To discuss your health issue with one of our acupuncturists, call(707) 303-7200.

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