Acupuncturist Methods for Treating Common Illnesses

During these days, it feels like diseases have become more common than ever. Though many diseases that were once considered untreatable can now be treated, there are several side effects of western medicine treatments and procedures. To steer clear of debilitating side effects, many people with differing health conditions opt for acupuncture. This ancient Chinese practice involves the use of thin needles to correct energy disruption in the body. Seeking treatment from an acupuncture clinic in Santa Rosa can do wonders for your overall health.
How Does Acupuncture Work?
Ancient Chinese believed that diseases are the result of malfunction caused by disrupted energy flow in the body. Inserting thin needles into the skin of the patient at different points in their body can balance the flow of energy or life force known as Qi. Many needles used in acupuncture have holes in the middle to transfer some kind of medicinal fluid into the body. Since acupuncture needles are very thin, they cause minimal discomfort to the patient.

Various studies suggest that acupuncture can help relieve pain associated with different health conditions. Some experts believe that acupuncture points are places where nerves, connective tissues, and muscles can be stimulated to improve blood flow, while at the same time triggering the body’s natural painkilling mechanism.
Acupuncture is used for:

  • Relieving pain and discomfort associated with chemotherapy
  • Treating back pain, dental pain, labor pain, and neck pain
  • Easing migraine headache
  • Relieving osteoarthritis pain
  • Treating respiratory disorders

In 2003, the World Health Organization released a list of conditions that acupuncture has been found to be effective on. The list includes:

  • High and low blood pressure
  • Tennis elbow
  • Gastric conditions such as peptic ulcer
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Dysentery
  • Sprains
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Morning sickness
  • Painful periods

If performed correctly by an expert, acupuncture does not have any serious sideeffects. It can be combined with other treatments and has been found effective to control different types of pains. Acupuncture is often used for patients allergic to medications and can play a major role in helping people for whom pain medicationis not suitable to get their health back on track. Many patients report immediate relief after a session. Acupuncture is highly effective because it targets the root cause of the problem, and not just the symptoms.
What Happens During an Acupuncture Session?
To determine the type of treatment needed, the acupuncturist asks the patient various questions. They examine different parts of the person’s body and their facial color. The expert also checks the person’s pulse.The patient is asked to lie on a padded table on their back, front, or one side, depending on where the needles are to be inserted. Next, the acupuncturist inserts needles at strategic points. Everytime a needle is inserted, the patient may feel a mild tingling sensation.

The expert may manipulate the needles or apply heat to them. Needles are removed after 5 to 30 minutes. The number of sessions required depends on the condition of the person.

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