Chinese Herbal Medicine – Ancient Cures for Modern Problems

You probably know about acupuncture. What was once a mysterious alternative treatment has become a mainstream choice for healthcare, but here are some fascinating things that you may not know.

Acupuncture works really well when combined with other therapies including herbs which make for an integrated healing modality known as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). TCM has been practiced for over 3,000 years and is one of the oldest forms of established medicine. A healthcare practice with a track record stretching back into antiquity speaks for itself.

TCM is based on a simple, effective idea; Let the body heal itself.  As Qi, (oxygen and blood) move freely through the blood vessels, the organs of the body are nourished resulting in a healthy body. However, if the flow of Qi is restricted, an imbalance occurs. When a free flow of Qi is re-established with acupuncture, combinations of herbs, and other therapies, the body is able to heal itself again (Homeostasis). TCM can help you if you are experiencing acute or chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, infertility problems,  and cannot find relief through conventional means.

Stress and anxiety are nearly a cultural norm in the West, which can result in imbalances. Combined with individually formulated Chinese herbs, acupuncture can relieve migraines and headaches and other stress related disorders.

TCM often includes a practice called cupping which involves using gentle suction to alleviate pain and is particularly effective for colds and flu.  Moxibustion is also included in the TCM total body health round-up. Dried mugwort is burned over certain areas of the body in a way similar to smudging, to warm and nourish helping restore balance.

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