January 13, 2023

Start Afresh This New Year with These 4 Unique Body Detoxification Ideas

Detoxification is a popular buzzword often associated with following specific diets to rid one’s body of harmful toxins. And while there is no doubt about that, there are various other ways to detox one’s body. For instance, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapy, and dry brushing are some lesser known but effective ways to detox one’s body. […]

Chinese Herbal Medicine – 4 Health Benefits

The Chinese have been using traditional Chinese herbs to treat different ailments and health conditions since times immemorial. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), different herbs are used together to create a concoction (formula) instead of a single herb or supplement. A formula includes: An emperor herb that treats the primary symptoms/problem Multiple minister herbs that […]

Use of Herbal Medicine in Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of challenges. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes, from nausea to backache, women can experience a variety of symptoms during different stages of pregnancy. Benefits of Chinese Herbs for Pregnancy Many women use Chinese herbal medicine in Santa Rosa to manage their symptoms during pregnancy. Chinese herbal […]

Can Acupuncture for Fertility Really Help Me Get Pregnant?

Many women struggle with infertility, a condition which can prove to be extremely stressful. More often than not, these women seek treatment to conceive and will be willing to try just about anything including IVF, fertility drugs, home remedies, and even surgery. Of course, medical science has advanced quite a bit, and there are several […]

Acupuncture for Back Pain – Is it a Viable Alternative to Other Methods?

Back pain can result in major issues related to mobility,decreasing a person’s quality of life. Muscle strains can cause painful spasms preventing the person from performing everyday tasks. Thanks to our hectic (more importantly, unhealthy) lifestyles and postural mistakes, back pain has become a rampant problem. A study shows that almost 80 percent of the […]

Lead a Healthy Life Using Chinese Herbal Medicine in Santa Rosa

Chinese herbal medicine, often used with other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has been utilized for thousands of years to help countless people live healthier lives. Here at Acupuncture Mama, we have dedicated ourselves to helping those in our community achieve balance and health using extensive knowledge regarding TCM.

How Chinese Herbal Medicine in Santa Rosa Helps Improve Your Health

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has helped countless people reach better standard of health. Chinese herbal medicine in Santa Rosa is just one single, but powerful, aspect of the Traditional Chinese Medicine offered at Acupuncture Mama. The Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine At its core, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) focuses on restoring the body’s […]

Chinese Herbal Medicine – Ancient Cures for Modern Problems

You probably know about acupuncture. What was once a mysterious alternative treatment has become a mainstream choice for healthcare, but here are some fascinating things that you may not know.

Chinese Herbal Medicine in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County: Books on the Subject

Chinese Herbal Medicine research goes back more than 2,000 years, as evidenced by one of the oldest texts on the subject, The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon also known as the Huangdi Neijing. Since that book, thousands of other books have been written about that text and the discoveries that have been made since “Huangdi Neijing” […]

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