Ever Thought of Using Acupuncture for Migraines? – Written by Acupuncture Mama of Santa Rosa, California

Nearly 12% of the population suffers from migraines and it’s even higher at 18% among women.  They are a debilitating collection of neurological symptoms. Attacks can be accompanied by visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, extreme sensitivity to sound, light, touch and smell, and tingling or numbness in the extremities or face. Migraines interfere with a sufferer’s ability to function in everyday life, whether that is going to school or work, caring for family or enjoying social activities.


What Triggers Migraines?

Triggers vary widely from person to person and even from day to day.  They can also be cumulative and depend on your susceptibility in the moment.  For example, you may be able to have a glass of wine and be ok but couple that with a stressful week, bad sleep, and hormone fluctuations then you have the makings of a migraine.  For this reason, migraines can happen at any time and it may be difficult to identify the source. Some other common triggers are food, sex, sleeping in, certain smells, rain or sun, estrogen fluctuations and skipping meals. If you suffer from these kinds of symptoms and live in or near Santa Rosa, an acupuncture treatment from Acupuncture Mama may be needed.

What you can do.

Exercise. Regular exercise helps reduce stress and releases good endorphins which help calm your nervous system.

Magnesium.  Supplementation with magnesium helps to relax muscles and nerves.  I recommend a powdered magnesium supplement for fast absorption.  It is also important to take it apart from any calcium to maximize it’s benefit.

CoQ10. CoenzymeQ10 is a powerful antioxidant.  It increases blood flow to the brain, improves circulation, and protects cells from oxidative damage.

Acupuncture.  According to a recent study by researchers from the JAMA network, “acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain [particularly migraines] and is therefore a reasonable referral option. Regular acupuncture treatments can significantly reduce the severity and frequency of migraines by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation.  Acupuncture for migraines should be considered as a viable treatment option. Santa Rosa residents struggling with migraines especially related to hormonal fluctuations should call Acupuncture Mama.

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Acupuncture Mama uses her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to provide patients with a comprehensive acupuncture treatment plan.  Santa Rosa residents who are looking for an effective method of eliminating their migraines are encouraged to contact Acupuncture Mama today by visiting her website at https://acupuncturemama.com/ or contacting her directly at:

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[1] http://archinte.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1357513

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