Here’s Why Acupuncture Makes Sense For Pre And Post-Surgery

There are a number of reasons why people turn to acupuncture, although the biggest one is probably the fact that, like all traditional Chinese Medicine, it takes a holistic approach to health and recognizes that any illness signifies a body out of balance. The physical, mental, and emotional components of life are treated equally, and acupuncture focuses on stimulating the central nervous system to trigger endorphins that act as natural opiates. The goal is physical and emotional well-being, which is why acupuncture clinics in Santa Rosa recommend the treatment for pre and post-surgery.

Reduce Stress

The pre-surgery period is often full of stress and anxiety, which is understandable. Acupuncture does not provide anesthesia but helps release endorphins instead, to provide patients with a deep state of relaxation and calm. This has a number of benefits before surgery and leaves patients in a more positive frame of mind while reducing the need for strong opioids.

After Surgery

The post-surgery period is often one of pain, which can unnecessarily prolong a patient’s stay in a hospital. It also increases the chances of other organs being affected, which is why the goal of acupuncture post-surgery is to reduce or eliminate discomfort, with minimum side effects. Acupuncture has been shown to significantly reduce levels of post-operative pain as well as the need for painkillers.

Another positive effect of acupuncture is the easing of nausea and vomiting, both of which are common postoperative symptoms that affect a large percentage of high-risk patients. Acupuncture takes into account factors that include age, gender, anxiety, lifestyle habits, type and duration of surgery as well as the type of anesthetic used. It also focuses on enhancing the body’s immune system and restoring balance, which is important after any invasive procedure. The use of antibiotics can also compromise intestinal health, leaving the body vulnerable to infection. Acupuncture clinics in Santa Rosa can accelerate the healing process by enhancing immune function, restoring harmony to the gastrointestinal tract and increasing blood circulation.

Acupuncture Mama Can Help

There is a lot of evidence that acupuncture treatment can help in the pre and post-surgery period. If you have any questions or need advice from a trained professional, please contact Acupuncture Mama in Santa Rosa to schedule a consultation today

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