How Acupuncture Can Treat a Variety of Menstrual Disorders

Nowadays, women have constant physical and emotional demands, which are combined with societal and environmental factors. This can offset their hormonal balance and result in a number of different gynecological symptoms and conditions. In countries like China and Japan, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of gynecological conditions, including menstrual disorders. If you are experiencing the symptoms of menstrual disorder, and want a holistic treatment to take care of the problem, you should look for the best acupuncturist Santa Rosa, and begin the journey to improving your health and wellness in every way.

How to Treat Menstrual Disorders with Acupuncture

Acupuncture, combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise, emotional clarity, and medicinal herbs can go a long way in correcting hormonal imbalances that result in menstrual disorders, and bring long-term relief. With treatment with a top acupuncturist in Santa Rosaon a regular basis, the autonomic nervous system and female hormonal function can be balanced. This treatment is also highly effective in managing PMS in the long term.

Acupuncture used for the treatment of menstrual disorders is designed to provide your body with the support it needs as it makes the effort to maintain:

  • Blood circulation, the medium through which hormones travel to reach the uterus, ovaries and endometrium.
  • The function of the endocrine glands, which play a role in balancing estrogen and progesterone.
  • The function of the liver, where the breaking down and elimination of hormones takes place, thereby preventing unwanted hormones from accumulating excessively.

Acupuncture removes blockages of energy (known as Qi or Chi), which in turn helps in stabilizing fluctuations of hormones. It also helps to calm the mind by providing deep relaxation. Additionally, herbs work with acupuncture to help in regulating the flow of substances and energy in your body. Together, they boost stimulation of the natural functions of your body and encourage it to establish optimum balance.  When it comes to women’s health conditions, such as menstrual disorders, there is no other holistic treatment that comes close to acupuncture.

Get Acupuncture Therapy for Menstrual Disorders

When you are experiencing the symptoms of a menstrual disorder, you should seek the help of a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Santa Rosa to get the treatment you need. The right approach will bring hormonal balance and revive and boost your health and wellness. For top-notch acupuncture therapy, look no further than Acupuncture Mama. Call 707-303-7200 to schedule an appointment with one of the leading acupuncturists in all of Santa Rosa who can put all your health issues at ease.

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