Lead a Healthy Life Using Chinese Herbal Medicine in Santa Rosa

Chinese herbal medicine, often used with other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has been utilized for thousands of years to help countless people live healthier lives. Here at Acupuncture Mama, we have dedicated ourselves to helping those in our community achieve balance and health using extensive knowledge regarding TCM.

The Goal of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Santa Rosa

The main goal behind all forms of TCM is to help the body achieve Homeostasis, or the state of balance that allows the body to maintain its health. Homeostasis can become disrupted, either due to lifestyle, habits, or an external force. Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies the cause of the disturbance and offers solutions to remove the problem, while returning the body to the proper balance. 

Identifying the Disturbance

Before any treatment is recommended, your practitioner will need to identify the patterns of disharmony within your body or life. To do this, your practitioner will evaluate your current symptoms, and talk to you about your lifestyle and habits that may be influencing the problem.

After the evaluation, a treatment plan will be created that may include the use of Chinese herbal medicine. Depending on the symptoms the herbalist will recommend what to take, how often, and how much. One thing that sets Chinese herbal medicine apart from western medicine, is that there are no “one treatment fixes all,” each blend is customized to each body and disharmony.

Raw, Powders, or Pills

Chinese herbal medicine in Santa Rosa often comes in one of three forms:

  • Raw herbs used to make tea
  • Powdered mixes use to make tea
  • Pills taken throughout the day

Which form is right for you will depend on your personal symptoms and lifestyle. The use of herbal remedies, which could take six or more weeks to build up in the blood stream to effective levels, may not be enough to complete return you to a state of balance. Other therapies may also be needed, including:

  • Acupuncture – Uses carefully placed needles to unblock energy and promote healing.
  • Cupping – Uses suction in key areas to stimulate blood and energy flow.
  • Moxibustion – Uses a special mix of dried mug wort which is burned over the skin to promote healing.

To learn more, or to request a consultation for Chinese Herbal Medicine in Santa Rosa, please contact Acupuncture Mama today!

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