Top 10 Ways to Boost Immunity During Cold and Flu Season

Top 10 Ways To Boost Your Immunity

  1. Eat in tune with the season- Learn about the nature of each season and eat in harmony with it. Winter is a time of contraction and slowing down. It’s a time of moving inward, sleeping and resting more, eating more warming and nourishing foods to support your immune system.
  2. Manage your stress levels- prolonged periods of stress take a toll on your body and your immune system. Do what you can to keep your stress down-go for a walk, meditate or get some acupuncture.
  3. Get some regular acupuncture- it helps to keep your lungs strong and give your immune system a boost. It’s also great for managing stress levels.
  4. Sleep more- just do it!
  5. Take a probiotic- recent research is pointing to the gut and microbiome as an important component of our immune system.
  6. Take Vitamins C & D- both are great antioxidants and will help to give you that extra bump you need during cold and flu season.
  7. Eliminate all white and processed foods (flour, sugar)- these things create inflammation and suppress immune function.
  8. Use an essential oil blend daily- I love Touch of Earth Immunity Blend. You can find it on line here.
  9. Exercise regularly- need I say more?
  10. Eat immune boosting foods-Garlic, Mushrooms (Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake), Foods high in Selenium and Zinc (Oysters)

What should you do when you feel like you are on the verge of getting sick?  I start drinking 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar per day while also taking Gaia brand Elderberry Syrup (I love this stuff as it has helped me ward off many colds and other yucky things).  I try to step it up on all of the above things as well and make sure to rest, drink lots of broth and get extra sleep.

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