Why So Many Santa Rosa, California, Patients Now Choose Acupuncture for Pain Relief

Across the country, millions are taking pain-relieving medications in order to manage their debilitating health challenges. What if there was a way to relieve the pain without resorting to dangerous pharmaceuticals? The latest medical research highlights the multiple benefits that acupuncture can have for those suffering pain-related issues. In this latest post, our Santa Rosa, California, professionals look at why patients are now increasingly choosing acupuncture for pain relief over pharmacological options.

Acupuncture is Suitable for Treating Many Conditions

Many patients suffer pain in multiple areas of their body at the same time, and turning to acupuncture can help relieve these multiple pain issues over the long-term. People with chronic tension headaches and migraines can undergo acupuncture treatment to achieve relief. Studies at the University of Texas have found acupuncture can also help relieve pain associated with severe dry mouth in radiation treatment patients.

There are Few Side Effects

In comparison with the leading over-the-counter and prescription pain medications, there are very few side effects associated with acupuncture treatment. The treatment has been proven completely safe when carried out by skilled and experienced professionals. This means that patients rarely have to balance their concern about their pain with the potential for damaging medical issues as they might when they take pharmacological products. In a recent study by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, acupuncture was proven to reduce pain, improve quality of life and reduce psychological distress of patients with limited side effects.

There is Short Recovery Period

Compared to other forms of medical treatment, there is a limited recovery period for patients undergoing acupuncture treatments for pain relief. This means patients won’t have to take time away from their family or their working responsibilities when undergoing the treatment. They’ll simply be able to go back to their normal day-to-day routines without experiencing the challenging pain they felt before treatment.

Acupuncture Helps Relieve Stress

Pain and stress are inextricably linked within the medical community. Patients undergoing significant stress within the workplace will often find that stress manifests itself as pain in the head and neck or tension headaches. Acupuncture has been proven to offer significant stress relief for patients. When the needles are inserted into the patient’s body, studies show the connective tissue wraps around them much in the same way as in yoga and massage therapy, helping to soothe sore muscles and guide the patient towards full relaxation.

By understanding the many advantages acupuncture can have for your pain issues, you can now begin working with Acupuncture Mama, a Santa Rosa, California, specialist, on a customized treatment program. To begin the treatment process today, call our expert team directly at (707) 303-7200.

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