Can Acupuncture Treat Migraine?

Migraine is characterized by headaches (usually on one side of the head) of varying intensities. It is usually accompanied by nausea, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, and vomiting. In severe cases, a migraine attack can last for hours or even days.

Migraine headaches cause intense pain and affect everyday life. People with migraines often report a lower quality of life as they live in constant worry of painful, day ruining headaches. A migraine is one of the most common illnesses in the world. Studies estimate that around one billion people in the world live with migraines. If you currently live with migraines in Santa Rosa, consider scheduling an appointment with an acupuncturist to be treated!

Acupuncture and Migraine

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of medicine. Acupuncturists insert paper-thin needles through their patients’ skin at strategic points in their body to correct energy imbalances.

Acupuncture can relieve chronic pain and is often used to treat a wide variety of conditions, ranging from depression and menstrual cramps to allergies and anxiety. Studies show that acupuncture can be beneficial in the treatment of acute migraine attacks.


A study found that acupuncture may help reduce days with migraines, and have lasting effects. In the study, 500 people with migraines were divided into two groups.

One group received traditional Chinese acupuncture, while the other group received sham acupuncture(needles were inserted in random, nonspecific points).

After completing the study, subjects in both groups reported fewer days with migraines than before the study began.

Before the study began, on average, participants reported six days of migraines a month. After completing the study, participants reported three days of migraines every month.

In the following month, participants from both groups reported improvement in the frequency and intensity of attacks; however, only participants who received real acupuncture reported long-lasting benefits.

Three months after the study, they continued to report a reduction in frequency, the number of days, and intensity of attacks. Lasting effects were not seen in participants who received sham acupuncture.

A recent systematic review of 22 clinical trials involving 4,985 individuals found that acupuncture reduces the frequency of headaches in people with migraine.

The study reported a 50 percent reduction in the frequency of headaches in up to 59 percent of subjects receiving acupuncture. These benefits can persist for up to six months or more.

How Does Acupuncture for Migraines in Santa Rosa Work?

Acupuncture stimulates different systems of the body, triggering a healing response. Needles are inserted at strategic points to stimulate the nerves to release endorphins and other feel-good chemicals known to help us deal with pain.

Are you living with migraine? Let Acupuncture Mama help you banish pain and reclaim your life. We use tried-and-tested TCM techniques to treat a wide variety of conditions. To make an appointment, call us at(707) 303-7200.

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