How Acupuncture Therapists Help Restore Health and Vitality

In modern times, people are facing more health problems than ever because of rising stress levels, sedentary jobs, and an inactive lifestyle. A growing majority of Americans are now looking at alternative forms of therapy to find solutions to their health problems in a natural way.

One such form of alternative therapy is acupuncture which is based on ancient Chinese healing arts with five thousand years of history. Acupuncture works by insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body to activate natural healing abilities of the body.

So, can an Acupuncture Therapist in Sonoma County restore your health and vitality? Let’s take a look at how an acupuncture therapist can help you.

The First Step

An acupuncture therapist in Sonoma County will conduct a thorough examination of your health and wellness in order to find out any irregularities in your health. This diagnosis can include pulse measurement, a detailed look at your lifestyle, visual observations of your skin and tongue, and a hands-on examination of the acupuncture points on your body. The first visit to the acupuncture therapist will give you an idea about the areas that need improvement for your good health.

Treatment Process

The acupuncture treatment involves insertion of very fine, sterilized needles at various meridian points that are situated throughout the body. There is usually no pain or discomfort when the needles are inserted, and the therapist might choose to insert the needles at an angle or a desired depth for maximum effect. The duration of insertion of needles can vary from a few seconds to fifteen-twenty minutes.

After the treatment

Once the treatment is finished, you might feel drowsy and relaxed. For some patients, the post-treatment time period is filled with a euphoric feeling brought by a release of endorphins as a result of the acupuncture session. Keep in mind that you should follow the dietary and lifestyle suggestions mentioned by your acupuncture therapist even after the treatment.

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